OEM Alarm tilt / glass sensor complete retrofit install kit


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Somerville, MA
Awhile back I put together a complete OEM tilt / glass sensor retrofit kit first described by LiJetta18t. Read about it here. I never got around to installing it, and frankly I'm never going to. I'm offering it for sale as a complete plug-n-play retrofit kit. I made the two necessary harnesses from scratch using the correct OEM pins and connectors, wrapped with TESA tape, and labeled for which pin location they need to go. It's like buying a kit from Kufatec. Only Kufatec doesn't make this kit :). All you need to do is install the sensor and switch, plug in the harnesses, and pin the harness wires into the BCM. (Except ground wires, you will have to crimp your own ring terminals, but if you are crimp-averse, I'll do that for you before shipping). If you have a rain/light sensor, you can shortcut into some of those wires, but since my car does not have the RLS, I made the harness to run all the way from the overhead console to the BCM.

While you can source the parts on eBay for under $100, you'll also have to source the two connectors, the pins, and do all the crimping and taping. Buy this kit and it's all done for you.

$200 shipped CONUS.