OEM 8" MIB 2.5 (MK7.5) Display


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Hello mr @MauricioGTI i bought a 5na035020d mib2.5 from a tcr
Do you know if this mib2.5 will fit with 5g6919605 of 8”?
Im actually stucked in my retrofit because the screen i bought was flooded...
I was intended to try the mib2.5 with my 5,8” of 2013 just to know if any image displays( i know it wont look nice because of configuration but just to test if its works...)
The mib2.5 is configurated with optical circuit but i havent that circuit and neither the connector so the vagcom detect open optic you know if i have to loop it or preconfig before install it in order to make it work!?
The unit shows light from the optical and looks like it get warm but nothing shows up...
Sorry for my awful english....i hope anyone can help me!
Attached the error codes i got on vagcom
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hello my freind, I dont understand much about technical issues, I think the best is to ask for a local VW dealer