OBDeleven Help!


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'21 GLI Autobahn 6MT
*****FIX ALERT!!!*****

I recently came a across a thread in the OBDeleven Forum from a user who was having a similar issue with their '19 Golf R, and it turns out the root cause of the problem (at least in our scenarios) is the presence of an aftermarket clutch pedal stop installed. My guess is this somehow interferes with the startup checks the vehicle performs since the pedal is no longer able to go fully to the floor.

Here's how to resolve:

*I think it's very important to point out it seems you MUST clear the codes, even if there are none, becuase I failed to do so the first time around and was unable to resolve the issue*

Here are the steps I took to make the fix work:

1.) remove clutch stop
2.) start vehicle and connect to OBDeleven (or likely any OBD device that can clear codes)
3.) perform a full scan and clear all codes
4.) shut off vehicle and exit
5.) lock the doors from the outside then unlock them
6.) get back in the vehicle and push clutch to floor and hit the start button once - issue should be cleared now
7.) reinstall clutch stop

Enjoy your newly-restored functionality!