OBDEleven Front Axle Differential Lock


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2020 GTI
Hi guys,

I downloaded a full backup of my car to study it and try to understand how adaptations work and see if there is anything additional I can do to my car that has not been done or published. I have a 2020 GTI SE with the Performance Pck.

While reading the adaptations of module 44 I found this.

44 Steering Assistance>Adaptations>Advance identification>coding>Front Axle Differential Lock>not activated

Is this one related to the VAQ? Or it is an additional setting just for the steering? My XDS is set to medium, but I still feel that I get a lot of single tire wheel spin on 1-2 gear. Not like the power shifts to the other wheel, but it continues to spin the same wheel until I gain traction.

Can someone look at their OBD/VCDS to see if their setting is the same? The only other car with an electric diff was my 1LE and I thought that it was extremely loud under operation. I have not heard or felt anything from this one to date.