Noob question about DSG unlock on a Cobb AccessPort


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Hey guys, im about to make the jump from APR to cobb AP because APR discontinued their stg 2. Problem is, I'm a complete newb to accessport, and was hoping you guys could help me answer a few questions.

I have the opportunity to buy a used and unmarried Cobb AP that is currently loaded with Sneeky and 5150 tunes on it. I know the tunes might not transfer to my car b/c they might be VIN locked, so I'm factoring that into the price. He told me that there is a 5150 DSG tune on the unit, but I don't know if that means the entire Cobb unit itself is DSG unlocked, or if that that is specific to the 5150 tunes. My plan is to get a EQT tune, but I don't want to have to repay $400 to unlock DSG if this used Cobb unit is not ready because the DSG unlock was specific to 5150. Hope my question makes sense. Also, any general tips for me when purchasing a used unit? anything specific to look out for? Thanks everyone!


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Make sure it’s been unmarried from the original vehicle. If the 5150 dsg tune doesn’t match your transmission code it won’t work but you should be able to load the Cobb files.