Newbie with Mk7 GTD on it's way!

Morning Guys,

So I owned a Mark 4 GTTDi PD150, then a Mark 5 GTTDi 140. Missed out the Mark 6, owning an Audi TT for the last 4 1/2 years. (Anyone bawling HDC has never owned one!) Now I need 4 proper seats again, so it's back to a Golf and I've got a Deep Black GTD with Discover satnav and the winter pack ready for delivery on the 1st of March. I was really impressed on my test drive - technology has moved on a fair bit since the Mark 2 TT was designed!

I'm not really into modding, as such, but like to follow a forum to check on problems and running tips etc. I am considering something like Ventureshield paint protection, as the TT got badly chipped across the front panels. Also some nice light wheels for the summer, so I can use the standard ones for some winter tyres. I got some winters for the TT - epic improvement.

Anyone any recommendations for wheels (18's) or paint protection?

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hi there - Just spotted your thread. May I extend a warm welcome! This forum is quite active so sometimes new threads do slip down the pile quite quickly!

You will find everyone to be friendly here and I hope you enjoy partaking in the forum!

Re your questions - I think most agree the OEM wheels are more than acceptable and suit the car very well.

In terms of paint protection - the main thing is to avoid anything proposed by the dealer and either apply yourself or engage a reputable detailer to do it. There are plenty of recommendations on products to use around the forum.


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Bit late to the party, but 'Welcome :D' anyway.
Hi Mark V and redbutcher. Thanks for responding. I guess I'm used to busier forums like and so I'll just go with the flow on here, I guess.

Thinking of stick on vinyl paint protection. I usually just polish and then wax with something like Collinite, but vinyl should actually prevent at least some stone chips. Probably costs a fair bit though - not actually priced it up yet.
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OK well I guess these things are a personal choice. I just drive the car and if I get a chip, fill it in with a blob of matched paint!

This place is far busier (with respect to the Golf mk.7) than ukmkivs, but then I guess the clue is in the name, lol!

Also some nice light wheels for the summer, so I can use the standard ones for some winter tyres.
Its normally the other way round - you use the larger (partly polished finish) OEM wheels in summer and get a set of painted (say 17") wheels for winter use.


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Carbon grey

Hi I am awaiting the 1st to pick up my first ever owned golf gtd in carbon grey. First thing I will be doing will be two coats off super guard all over then into work on the Sunday to get on a car lift to give the underside a good coat off good quality liquid wax. mad yes but the car is a lot off money and if you look after it,it will sell quickly when the time comes. Previously my last car was a seat supercopa in speed blue. Sold it in less than 2weeks good car. Many thanks


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A belated welcome Talk-torque from a fellow newbie, ex TT owner and GTD orderer! You're getting yours a bit sooner than me.