New tyres and brakes -- point in the right direction


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I purchased a 2015 Golf Highline about 6 months ago. The car was serviced when purchased from the VW dealer.

Recently when braking there is a squeaking noise. I thought it was just the brakes being cold but after listening for awhile it happens on every brake.

The car handles very well (my last car was a 2003 Golf) on mainly city and winding rural. I have a lot of miles to do soon and I'd like to improve the handling and fix the noise at the same time.

What I'm thinking is new brakes and tyres. The thing is don't know what I'm doing and would like some direction. Any feedback on the following would be greatly appreciated thank you VW experts.

Would new tyres improve the handling and braking?

What tyres should I get?

Is it better to purchase the parts myself?

Should I go to the official dealer to install or does it not matter?

On the forum I found a thread about brakes. Can anyone explain to me what this means and I can do this in stages or all in one go?

I had on my MK6R the Stoptech slotted rotors, ebc yellow stuff ( occasionally I do track that's why yellow , they are really good for daily as well as on track, only a little dusty but no noise at all , only if you do the right bed in process ) stainless brake lines and Motul fluid. I can say this was the best mods I've done to my car.


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Posted in wrong section???


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Carman, you should probably repost this in the tires, brakes forum. That being said, are you able to do any of the work yourself? If not then you'll be going to either a dealer or repair shop. Repair shops are often cheaper and you can perhaps find one more attuned to what you need done. And a dealer is unlikely to be interested in installing non Volkswagen parts.