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So, this may be a dumb question... But, is there a rev limiter in the MK7? I notice when i was pushing the car on the straights i wouldn't excel past 124 MPH. My buddy said that i'd have to get the rev limiter off, but i'm not sure how....


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League City, TX
Sorry to ask, like i said I'm new to this... But, how would i go about getting it tuned? Would i go to the dealership where i bought it or are there shops i should look into? I looked at

Sandman GTI

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Some dealers do it if they are a dealer for APR. You would have to search around or someone on this forum near you might know.
Read threads about other tuners and then uou can find dealer near you.
Just be aware that if you tune, then do not count on warranty.
This might not be an issue for you, if so tune away.


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Hello, I'm new to the Golf family, i've never had an enthustiast's type of vehicle available to drive, however I have just invested in a new black 2015 GTI w/ Performance Package.

Needless to say, I very much liked the vehicle before even driving it, but my very first experiences with the vehicle has caused me to fall in love with every single aspect of the vehicle.

I'm proud to be part of a family, i've always been interested in vehicles and knowing the following behind the GTI and what my budget allowed for, it was the easiest no brainer to date.

I love the performance as is, but I to wonder how far I can take the engine to a reasonable level for both "spirited" driving and normal driving with family members, etc. Options seem limited as far as keeping warranty intact is concerned, my dealer said depending on what tunes/mods I put on the vehicle and what goes wrong and the situation at hand, it "may or may not void the warranty" - obviously this means, when s*** hits the fan, quickly returning the car to as stock as fast as possible with minimal effort is required. What is suggested? I've looked around, but not sure exactly HOW FAR I can exactly go. Any help is very much appreciated.


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Not sure about the aerodynamics of the car, it might become unstable over 120mph.

what, both of my GTI's have been the one of the most stable cars i've ever driven over 100 mph. I also did 135-140 mph on my mk6 GTI as well (I had stage 1 and it removed limiter), its just as stable. Those cars are built for Autobahn.

BMW's have limiters put on their cars since the e36 M3 also.