New to the forum - 2018 R in Deep Violet Pearl

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Ontario, Canada
Hi there,
I recently traded my 2017 R for a new 2018 R w/t DSG. This one has one of those new optional colors available in Canada and I believe it is called Deep Violet Pearl. It definitely is a funky color and changes hues depending on the light and angle at which you are viewing it from. I have been a vintage muscle car guy most of my life but these new hot hatches are a lot of fun. I am really surprised at the agility and power. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a 4 cylinder having this kind of power. Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone in not so good weather. It still feels like winter in Ontario even though they say it's spring :rolleyes:

GolfR IMG_2784 (002).jpg

GOLF R IMG_2785 (003).jpg

IMG_2664 (002).jpg

Looking forward to the interactions with the group
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Very cool!!! We don’t get any of the crazy color options. I like it, definitely different!

Dark Violet R

Ready to race!
Ontario, Canada
Beautiful color choice. If the US got the custom colors, that would be near the top of the list. Which front license plate holder are you using?
I bought this from Hoag who is on VW Vortex ... I am not a member of that forum but someone pointed me to him. I can't remember his handle but I will let you know when I find it again. It is custom 3d printer for a perfect fit


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Saw that purple color at the car show and am very jealous. Wish this was an option on the GTI.