New Rabbit owners saying Hi......


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Hey guys,
Got rear ended and my G37S was totaled. I was ready for a new ride anyways, so it worked out for the best. Anyways, just picked up a new Rabbit in Urano Gray. Only had it 3 days, but wow what an amazing car. So fun. I've wanted a GTI for 20 years.

I found my Rabbit at a dealer 180 miles away. The ride home was MISERABLE. Every bump and dip I was bottoming out. I've always had sporty cars with sport suspension. NO WAY this could be right!?!? Thanks to this forum, I quickly found the issue. When I got home, I did a little research and discovered the transport puck issue. YEP, it's still happening. I had zero suspension travel. In fact, the front of my car was sitting HIGHER than it should. Now it's level and rides exactly how I expected, wonderfully. The picture below is BEFORE I removed the pucks, as you can tell, it sits a little high up front.

Tint coming next week. First mod is new tires. These potenzas suck in a major way. I've been running Pilot Sport A/S 3s on my old car for years, will probably go with them unless someone else has a better recommendation.

23 years ago when I was 16 years old, my first car was a '72 VW Super Beetle. This Rabbit is quite an upgrade!


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Crazy the strut pucks are still being left in. I have Conti DWS 06 and they are great, but from what I read, the Michelin’s are rated a bit higher. The rebates were strong when I was ready to purchase so that’s why I went with the Continentals.


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Beautiful car, get yourself an obd11 there are a lot of improvements that you can do with that little thing.


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Congrats on the car! Urano Gray seems to be a popular choice here. Good thing you noticed the puck issue before anything terrible happened.


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Congrats! What part of Houston are you in? I am out in the Clear Lake area.


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Can't believe that those pucking things are still being left in, must be a bunch of new people doing the PDIs.

Pucks were the first thing that I checked when I got the GTI home and they were not
there, but the tires were at an even 30 PSI should be 39 psi.
Also checked the lug bolts and were around 50 foot lbs.
So good to check all the known problems. I'm sure many cars leave the s-ship in this condition.


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Can you tell us what some of the improvements can be made with the obd11 also?

Man,Vj123 always beat me answering XD
Some of the tweaks that you can do with OBD11:
original post here

Disable Soundaktor
Disable the Soundaktor unit, which creates a fake engine sound when driving.

Enable Traffic Information (TMC) on Headunit
This enables the ‘Traffic’ button to work on the headunit, and will use radio frequency data to display nearby traffic information. Once activated, in may take over an hour for the initial messages to appear.

Enable Off Road Display
This enables an ‘Off Road Display’ on the headunit. Once enabled, it will appear under the ‘Car’ Menu, tap ‘Selections’ and tap Off-Road.

Heated Seat Memory
Heated seats will resume last setting upon re-entering the vehicle

Starting Vibration Reduction
In wheel slip scenarios, where wheel hop is typically induced, this tweak will stop the intervention of the braking system, allowing you to continue spinning the wheels. Assist with launching the vehicle, and stops the car from ‘bogging down’.

Haldex All-Wheel-Drive Adjust Traction
Reports indicate that changing this setting to ‘Increased Traction’ improves the handling and makes the car feel like a permanent AWD system.

Drive Profile Display in Cluster
This tweak will show the driver profile name in the cluster when switching modes.

ESP Option in Car Settings
Show the Electronic Stability Program setting within the car menu on the headunit.

Oil Temperature Display in Cluster
Displays the engine oil temperature in the cluster.

Fog Lights On with Indicator
Fog lights will turn on when indicating. Fog lights must be fitted.

Increase Intensity of Rear Lights
Increase the brightness of the rear tail lights.

Disable Start / Stop (Voltage Method)
Disable engine Start / Stop functionality.

LED Fog Light Warning Delete
If you change the fog light globe to LED, this tweak will remove the error message typically displayed.

XDS Differential Lock Adjustment
XDS is an electronic differential lock, and lets you grip the road when cornering fast. It improves responses to ensure an even safer drive. In moments of fast cornering XDS lightly brakes the inside wheel to prevent wheel spinning. The result is better traction and a reduction of any tendency to under steer. This tweak will vary the aggressiveness of XDS.

Brake Drying System
This function increases safety in heavy rain, by applying the brake pads to the brake discs at prescribed intervals, in order to wipe away the unwanted film of water. Most drivers won’t even feel the system operating.

Auto Close Windows When Raining
When rain is detected on the rain sensor, the windows will automatically close.

Activation of Optical Parking Sensor (OPS)
Enable a visual graphic on the headunit when parking the vehicle. Uses parking sensors to display obstacles.

Alternating Indicator Lights (Pace Car Lights)
For vehicles with LED tail lights, the inner an outer rear indicators will alternate when indicating, or with hazard lights.

Fan Speed Display on Auto Mode
Show the A/C fan speed when operating in auto mode.

Adjust Door Led Light Intensity
For vehicles fitted with LED Door lights, this tweak will increase the brightness.

Avoid Dimming LED Lights when Indicating
LED running lights typically dim when indicating. This tweak will remove this behaviour.

Cornering Fog Light Activation
Left or right fog light will turn on when indicating. Fog lights must be fitted.

Adjusting Cornering Fog Light Sensitivity (Speed Threshold)
With the above tweak enabled, this will adjust the speed in which cornering fog lights will turn on. Fog lights must be fitted.

Mirror Down in Reverse
The passenger mirror will dip when in reverse gear.

Hill Hold Assist Duration
Adjust how long the brakes ‘hold’ the vehicle when taking off on a steep hill.

Refuel Amount in Cluster
After refuelling, the amount in litres will be displayed in the cluster.

Coming Home Lighting Duration
After stopping the engine, your headlights will remain on for the specified duration.

Coming Home / Leaving Home with Fog Lights
Adds fog lights to coming home / leaving home functions.

Lock Acknowledge with Horn
The horn will beep when locking the vehicle.

Deactivate Warning Tone for Parking System
Disables the sounder for the parking sensors.

Parking Warning Speed Change
Sets the speed where the parking sensors will be disabled.

Hide Optical Parking System Warning Line
Disables the ‘Please check surroundings’ message that appears on the headunit when parking.

Closing Windows When Ignition Off
Allows you to operate all windows after the ignition has been switched off and doors opened.

Cluster Display Carbon Background
Change the centre cluster background visuals to a carbon-fibre style.

Seat Belt Warning Deactivation
Disables the audible seat belt warning.

De-Fogger Timer
Adjust the operating time of the rear window de-fogger

Tap to Indicate – Number of Blinks
When tapping the indicator to turn, this tweak will change the number of times the indicator blinks.

Traffic Sign Assist Activation (Car must be fitted with Camera)
Vehicle camera will read traffic signs and display the posted speed in the cluster.

Lane Assist Activation (Car must be fitted with Camera)
Vehicle camera will attempt to keep the vehicle within the current lane.

Lane Assist Adjustments (Car must be fitted with Camera)
Adjust the point in which the steering wheel will vibrate to indicate the vehicle is drifting out of the lane.

Drivers Reaction Adjustment (Car must be fitted with Camera)
Adjusts the sensitivity in which the car will alert the driver due to lack of steering input.

Lap Timer Activation
Enable the Lap Timer in the cluster.

Gauge Needle Sweep
When starting the vehicle, the cluster needles will ‘sweep’ their entire range.

Adjusting Microphone Sensitivity
Adjusts the microphone gain for handsfree usage.

Sunroof Opening With Remote Control
Sunroof opens when holding down the unlock button on the key fob. Also closes when holding lock button.

DRL Only in Auto Mode
Only DRLs operate when headlight switch is in ‘Auto’ mode.

DRL Control on Car Menu
Enables a setting on your headunit which allows you to completely disable the Daytime Running Lights.

LED Number Plate / License Plate Error Delete