NEW NEW NEW! Rear Bumper Flares or the MK7 GTI!

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Nothing feels better than a simple, subtle, but effective styling upgrade to your MK7 GTI, especially when you're the only one in the scene showing off brand new parts. Our new Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Flares are styled to match the rest of our catalog of visual upgrades already available and help tie everything together with a distinct change that gives your MK7 a totally different feel and appearance every time you look back when you leave your car.

New ECS MK7 GTI Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Flares

New ECS MK7 GTI Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Flares


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nice try PPNT
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Just noticed those today! Cannt tell if i love them or hate them. Maybe would lean more toawrd love it they were colormatched (i know just a paintjob away). Either way definately makes the rear look much more aggressive! Props ECS for developing these. The rear diffuser is definately on my radar.