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Good morning all,

New Mk7 owner from the east coast of NC. Just to demonstrate my "newb-ness" I posted some questions about my Mk7 Golf on the Mk6 forum!

At any rate, I just picked up a 2016 Mk7 SE with the 1.8TSI and automatic transmission. The car is in beautiful shape with only 40k miles on it. I'm a fairly competent mechanic who has done most tasks from basic maintenance to rebuilding engines. I am very excited to get into the VW world but I want to make sure I don't go too deep too quickly with all the technology these cars possess.

To begin with I'd like to knock out all the basic maintenance items like engine oil and filter, air filter, cabin air filter, transmission fluid and filter, and possibly spark plugs. I wanted to ask the board some opinions on these items, what is the general preference for filters? I've seen offerings from both Wix and Mann, which are under the same corporate umbrella now, but should I be looking to something else? As far as oils go, I'm a big believer in Amsoil and have run it in everything I own from lawnmowers to modern diesels with great success. They make a specialty "European Formula" in 5w-40 that I was going to run in the engine.

For the transmission, again are we looking to Mann for filters or someone else? What about fluid here, Amsoil makes a compatible ATF, but it seems like there are some other options like Motul, Ravenol, Liqui-Moly? It also seems like a few VW and/or European specialty shops offer "kits" with the fluid, filter, gasket, hose, and adapter to fill them through the drain fitting.

Lastly what about electronic help? So many things around these cars require a scan tool of some sort, OBDeleven seems pretty well regarded, are there other products out there that work as well or better? I don't plan on my car ever seeing a dealer, I'm good with parts replacement, but with these electronics they can be a real asset in troubleshooting and I'd like to make sure I'm prepared.


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Welcome to the forum! Well, that was quite the shotgun post. Good questions. Just my perspective, but here's one way to simplify you quest: Find out what the OEM spec is for filters and fluids for your 1.8 TSI, and stick as close to OEM as you can. And good for you going after your own maintenance. It is a noble undertaking in my book.

On a personal note, I get all my air and fluid filters direct from my local dealer. I get my fluids from either the dealer, Urotuning or ShopDAP. But, there are plenty of good options out there such as FCP Euro and ECS to name a couple more. Good luck!


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Welcome and congrats on the car.

I pickup my maintenance items from Europa, because they’re localish to me. I use LiquiMoly and OEM filters. For all the cars I have owned I’ve only used oem filters.

I have both OBD11 and VCDS. I cut my teeth on VCDS and prefer it. While I like OBD11, really only for checking and clearing codes.

There is tons of info available for these cars on here and the Vortex. Searching is a lesson in frustration, but you can usually weed through it to find what you want.


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Are you the 09G slush box style automatic, or the DSG transmission? 09G and DSG have different services, but the 09G is a metal filter part. I can pull the PN for you if you like.

09G is every 80k for the fluid change. I had mine done at 40K due to an issue with my trans temp sensor that required the transmission being drained to replace it.


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I've used K&N oil filters my last three oil changes, seem to be fine. Mobil 0-40 and Liqui moly for oil. Going forward I plan to stick with Mobil and save a few bucks.

Used Fram cabin filter, looks just like the oe filter I removed.

You're probably fine with trans oil filter.

First thing I did after buying my car new was to buy a day pass ($35) to VW ETKA website and download every chapter to pdf of the service manual for my car.