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2015 Golf R
Loving my blue LED footwells guys on my R. They look great! I'd recommend them to anyone with an R. Looks like they were there from the factory.

P.S. sorry for such a huge picture.

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Hi, these are not going to be too bright - they are perfect - recent review by customer:
So awhile back I purchased Philips reverse bulbs from Amazon for my GTI. I was looking for something that was an LED, pure white, and had a bit more light output (I park in a very lowly-lit area). I got them, installed them, and quite frankly was not all that impressed. Yes the light was white, they lit up instantly and looked pretty cool. The light output was the same, if not slightly less than the stock incandescent bulbs. I left them in for a few months and then decided to look for something else. I didn't want to go the eBay route, so I turned to deAutoKey. I know they've been around for a bit and cater to the VW/Audi community. I was one of the first to get their front turn signal LEDs and still rave about them and get compliments. I'm really glad I went with their reverse bulbs. I would estimate at LEAST 25% more light output than the Philips versions, great quality, got them in 2 days. These are way more than adequate if you want a pure white LED with more light output for your car. Here is a comparison:

Philips Reverse LEDs:

deAutoKey LEDs:

A couple more things to point out, notice that the deAuto bulbs are whiter. The Philips bulbs definitely have a yellowish "tint" to them (sort of similar to a 4300k HID bulb). Also, the lighting in the garage was similar, but not exact. There is more light in the deAuto picture but they are still brighter. I was going to take a picture of them in total darkness but in all honesty picture would be washed out with the light output. I wanted to give the most realistic depiction of the light output of both bulbs. These are obviously super easy to install. But check your housings, my bulb holders just pull right out whereas some need to be twisted out. Really loving these so far. Now I need the LED tail bulbs!

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need help. Can't figure out how to remove the insert inside the light to enable the autoled reverse light to fit. It won't fit through the opening. I don't see any other topics on this, which leads me to believe its just me..

any help would be appreciated. It doesn't appear to have a tab or anything to remove. Or do I have the wrong bulb? I have euro OEM VW dark cherry led tails.


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