New Inspection Sticker Location NH?


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Manchester, NH
Hello Everyone,

Has anyone recently gotten an inspection in NH? I just got my GTI done and the new sticker that is required by the state is atrocious. The state is also requiring it to be placed in the bottom left hand side of the windshield. So now instead of it hidden by the rear view mirror is now constantly in your line of sight. I only drove the car 5 minutes back from the shop and was already annoyed. The tech also did a terrible job lining it up and put it too far up. I don’t think my OCD will allow me to look at a big ass crooked sticker for the next year. For most people it’s probably not a problem but for me it is. My question is does anyone know how to get a replacement sticker without having to get the car reinspected? I don’t want to pay out another $40 and if the GD thing needs to be there Id like to atleast place it on myself. I haven’t tried it but it looks as the the sticker will be destroyed if I attempt to peel it off. I’m assuming there must be a way to send in a form to the state with a copy of the inspection but after a quick search on google I couldn’t find anything specifically for NH. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Why not call the inspection place? I'm sure people who get new windshields installed get new stickers all the time? NY State has been putting inspection and registration stickers in the same locations for years and years. Trust me, you wont even see the one sticker after a while.