New Golf R Owner - mode switch inop? Spare tire? Does this thing even have DCC? No owners manual...

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Hey everyone, brand new (used) Golf R owner here with a couple questions... Just drove home from a used car dealership in a 2016 Golf R, 6-speed man, w/DCC + NAV (or so I'm told). I'm not sure if my DCC mode switch is inop? I realized they sold me a used car with no owner's manual, so until I buy one I'm limited to YouTube. Anyway, when I press the mode switch, it lights up for a second, but nothing happens, no drive mode alternatives show up on the center screen, holding it down does nothing. When I select "car" on the center infotainment screen, a "driving school mode" shows up. Any idea what that is? Also, is this thing supposed to have a spare donut in the back? There's nothing in the trunk, but I was told it has standard run-flats. I wouldn't know because there's no owners manual. Carfax was clean, but after the purchase I discovered a Canadian carfax buried in the glove box that shows it was involved in a collision... I swear I'm not a total idiot, but I am starting to wonder if I got hosed and if I should be looking at some sort of extended warranty... While I'm at it, anyone know if there is a way to convert the analog speedo from kmh to mph? Due to COVID I did the test drive without the dealer and we couldn't both be in the car at the same time, so a bunch of questions kind of went unanswered.
To check if the car has DCC, you can click the "Mode" switch and see if anything pops up. Normally you would be able to switch between Eco, comfort, normal, race, and custom. I would just go into custom and see if you are able to change the settings for the DCC. The button to customize is located on the top right of the custom mode screen.

Driving school is something available when you press car. You can cycle through the different menus under the "Car" button. There should be a button you press on the bottom left side of the screen when you press "Car" to cycle between the different pages.

As far as I know, the Golf R in the United States never came with a spare tire, nor did it come with factory run flat tires. All it came with was a compressor and a can of sealant. Id recommend you source a spare tire kit for your car if you don't mind the extra weight.
This is one place you can buy a kit from.

I think you're able to convert kmh to mph through the infotainment settings.

Not really the best write up, but hope it was somewhat helpful.


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If this is a US car, there were only 2 configurations. Either the base model with no extra, or DCC and NAV. If it's a US car and if it has NAV, then it has DCC. DCC shocks should also have a piece that juts out and has a plug if you look at your shocks. No spare in the trunk, you should have a black pouch with a can of goo along with a cheap compressor and other small pieces like your tow hook and wheel lock key. Car doesn't have run flats from the factory, but continental or pirelli summer tires. Another thing that might give you a clue on the US '16s, is the non-dcc car came with 18" Cadiz wheels while the DCC and NAV came with 19" Cadiz.

However, given your location and the Canadian carfax, it sounds like this could be a Canadian import. The Canadian '16s had different options and configurations than the US models.

Was this dealer a VW dealer? Could you not insist they obtain an owners manual for you? You should be able to get a digital copy


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Check the door jamb, at the base of the B pillar, see if it there is a black sticker with white lettering. It should state "this vehicle conforms too..." US, blah, blah. Or it would say Canadian? Maybe a Maple leaf on it too ( or at least was on a '96 Audi I had awhile back, Canadian car). I'm betting on a Canadian car. Not sure if that is going to cause problems with inspections ,not US legal, etc.

Don't want to alarm you, but sometime it even could have been stolen, crashed, title washed, stuff like that. Was is a sketchy used car lot? If it is truly a problem you might want to get the state attorney involved, if the dealer is being difficult.
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If the speedo is in km/hr then it sure does sounds like a Canadian car. All Golf Rs in Canada have DCC regardless of what trim or options. I’d be inspecting suspension components and associated electrical connections as a preliminary check. Maybe its something simple like a connector not plugged in seeing that it may have had new parts installed.

Try rebooting the infotainment system by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds or so until the R logo appears. Sometimes mine hangs up and won’t let me change driving mode

Im pretty sure you need to physically replace the speedo and tac assembly in order to get mph.

With all that said, I’d be heading back to the dealer and returning the car and fighting for a full refund but it might be too late for that? Sounds like they were not forthcoming with the car’s history.


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The door jamb sticker will confirm whether it was initially imported to the US or Canada.

kmh speedo sounds like it's Canadian. But it could have come to the US first and been converted.

So, the dealer lied and said its history was clean, no owner's manual, and claimed they came with run-flats? Yikes. Keep us posted, good luck.


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Mate I had a very similar thing recently when I purchased mine (minus the collision situation).

My car had the Mode button, it lit up but nothing on the infotainment and no change in the car. Called my local dealer they thought I wanted to turn it into a rocketship (their words not mine). I called VW America, gave them the VIN they confirmed that it should have Driving Mode Selection (DCC/Race Mode whatever you wanna call it.) I called my local VDub dealer again, explained (with the help of a VW America rep) the issue to them and took it into them for what was essentially a software update. At some point in its past it seems that it had had the wrong software installed which meant that it was in ECO mode for its life.

Mine was covered under warranty as I brought it through a big chain here in the States (VW charged them $350 for the 'work'). If you brought it from the dealer and have any kind of literature from them saying that it has DCC you should be able to get them to foot the bill for it to be updated/remapped under false advertising laws. Call the dealer and stand your ground, all you want is the car they sold you as it came out of the factory.

As above you should be able to cycle the MPH/KPH in the settings but as yours is a 2016 and has the lovely analog dials maybe its not that easy.

Mine now has all modes and runs as it should.

Good luck :)