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NEW ECS Tuning Valved Exhaust for the VW MK7 GTI!

ECS Tuning

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Now that you've watched that.... we're happy to announce the release of the NEW ECS Tuning Valved Exhaust for the VW MK7 GTI. True automotive passion comes in many forms. For us, we've found driving euphoria with our in-house engineered ECS Tuning Valved Catback Exhaust System.

Enjoy your Volkswagen MK7 GTI with the most engaging, race-inspired, performance-valved exhaust system. Intoxicating exhaust notes fuel your desire to push your engine to its limits with every ounce of power and every engine revolution. Experience your driving passion with our ECS Valved Exhaust System and control your exhaust sound with our unique valved muffler design.

Our exhaust system is made from high quality brushed T304 stainless steel with Tig-welded joints for an exceptional look and durability. Exhaust gases are channeled through the larger 3.0" non-restricted pipe where it splits into our 3 chamber, perforated and packed core muffler. With this system you the driver are in control of where the exhaust gases go from here. In normal, comfortable driving conditions, you can control the exhaust system to keep the exhaust valve closed and direct the exhaust gases through the chambers of the muffler, where sound reduction takes place. To open the exhaust, simply press the "valve open" button on the remote key fob to unleash a straight-through, raw, unedited exhaust symphony. With the valve open, we showed maximum gains of +9 WHP and +8 FT/Lbs of torque on our Shop MK7 GTI equipped with our ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake, APR Stage 1 93 Octane ECU Software and the OEM downpipe.

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In-house designed and engineered using FARO ARM laser scanning technology for precise fitment

3.0" T304 Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent, Brushed Tubing with 1.25mm wall thickness

Dual 2.5" Tailpipe Sections with Tig-Welded Merge Pipe and Laser-Cut ECS Logo Plate

-9 lbs lighter than the OEM catback exhaust

T304 Stainless Steel 12mm barbed round stock exhaust hangers Tig-Welded in OE locations for precise fitment. An additional exhaust hanger and rubber bushing are added at the rear subframe location for additional support.

Strategically placed slip joints provide the most adjustability to obtain perfect fitment

Interactive valved muffler

Tested multiple muffler designs to achieve the most desirable exhaust notes with the largest delta between valve closed and valve open driving experiences

Valve Closed Routing - 3-chamber perforated reduction tubes with stainless steel wool packing material provides a sporty driving experience without causing excessive resonance, volume and performance loss

Valve Open Routing - Straight-through 3.0" perforated tube with stainless steel wool packing material provides the most unobstructed flow path for race-inspired driving experience to maximize volume

Vacuum-actuated exhaust valve provides outstanding reliability in the harshest conditions. Unlike electronic servo motors that are prone to failure, our exhaust valves have been tested in thousands of applications and have proven to be reliable.

Designed to maximize ground clearance while still being compatible with aftermarket components such as our ECS Tuning Rear Subframe Brace.

Shop the ECS Tuning Valved Exhausts for the VW MK7 GTI


Midpipes (2); 1 for OEM downpipe, or 1 for 3.0" downpipe, ending at OEM location

Replacement sleeve clamp for OEM downpipe

Valved Muffler Assembly

Additional rubber exhaust hanger (1) for subframe location

J-Pipe Assembly and Dual Tailpipes with stainless steel Accuseal clamps

ECS 4.0" Chrome Swivel Tips (2)

Exhaust Valve Controller Installation Kit with Remote Key Fobs

Remote Key Fobs (2)
Valved Solenoid Control Module with wiring harness to connect control module to pneumatic solenoid
Pneumatic Control Solenoid
Silicone Vacuum Tubing (2mm ID x 16.5' length) w/ cable ties and T-tap
Brass Tee Fitting (2mm nipple)
Vacuum Check Valve (2mm nipple)


Dyno tested on our in-ground Mustang "AWD 500 SE" Dyno with our ECS Tuning Shop MK7 GTI we showed maximum gains of +9 WHP and +8 FT/Lbs of torque while equipped with our ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake, APR Stage 1 93 Octane Software and the OEM downpipe, with the exhaust valve open.

The NEW ECS Tuning Valved Exhaust for the VW MK7 GTI!