New 2021s still arriving at dealers?


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No, it's like saying the extra weight of the 9spd produces enough of an efficiency gain that the range of the car is better than had you just added more fuel capacity equal to the gain in weight. The 9spd keeps the motor in it's most efficient operating range better than the 4spd, by a lot. Electric motors give up less than ICE motors across their RPM range at a given amperage input, by a lot.
hence why I used such an extreme example (cars these days dont even have 4 spd)

I dont know why you ask a question (a dumb one at that) and then get the answer and claim the answer is wrong.


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Only 116 of the new 2021 GTIs left in the US, according to Selling about 3-4 cars per day lately.

I noticed over 10% of the remaining ones (13) are located in Honolulu. Aloha!
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Down to 65 available 2021 GTIs in the U.S. as of 08/12/2021. Only DSGs remain.

44 Ea - Black
17 Ea - White
3 Ea - Red
1 Ea - Dark Iron Blue


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Amazingly, Midlands VW in Columbia, SC retains a new 2020 GTI SE DSG for sale at $30,274. It's the last unsold "new" 2020 in the U.S.. It doesn't surprise me that it's there. We've ventured to this Dealership twice for our VW's and were firmly quoted MSRP both times. When it came time to buy my '21 GTI, it was clear that a stop at Midlands VW would be a waste of time.

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Get them to agree to let you trade that one in when they launch one with a volume knob.

Ha. I mentioned the lack of buttons as a dealbreaker but even if it had buttons I'm not moving into a mk8 anytime soon. I got this during the peak of covid so with 0% on the table I took the 6 months of deferred payments and a 72 month loan. Dealer also screwed up my taxes (out of state deal) so I got a check back for ~2k that I didn't put back toward the principal (cuz 0%).

Very long winded way of saying I'm still slightly underwater on the car and I'm not writing a check for a few grand in order to hand over the keys to a 7,000 mile R just to wait for a mk8 I won't get 0% on and is going to sit in my garage just like my 7.5 does.