Need to use a good cable for Car-Play!


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On Saturday I picked up my new Golf SEL. Since this was at a dealer about 100 miles away and I wasn't familiar with the area I decided to use Maps on my iPhone using CarPlay. I also wanted to listen to a podcast on my return home. I plugged in the iPhone using a cable that I had handy. On my drive podcast volume was normal but I couldn't hear the turn by turn directions from Maps. If I turned up the volume to hear the directions, podcast was way too loud.

After I got home, I tried a new cable that was Apple certified and CarPlay worked just fine for both directions and the podcast.

The salesman had warned me that I needed to use a good cable for CarPlay, and he was right.

A word to the wise:)


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Interesting. I just installed a ProClips dash holder for my phone. It requires a genuine Apple lightning cable which I though I had used. Last night was driving around showing CarPlay off to my friend. I tried calling my wife and couldn't hear her voice over the car speakers. Then after I hung up I did something to get Sirius and Apple Music playing at the same time! I think I might have used a generic look-alike lightning cable. I switch 'em out and see if the helps. Thanks!


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you might have just had a bad cable. i get the same quality out of my apple lightning cable as i do from the amazon brand cable.