Need advice on 2.0tdi 2014 Golf GTD , two issues interlinked ? Coolant leak and issue starting . . . .


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2014 Golf GTD
Morning Lads , looking for some advice.

I have a golf gtd that intermittently won't start. It is like the engine is sized and won't turn over. It started only if the cars was parked for some time on a steep incline or decline (or that could be my imagination) but now is starting to happen when the car is on the level. Only seems to happen if the car is parked up for awhile also. Over night or while I'm in work for example. If I push the car to put the car on the level it seems to turn. Or turn the key a few times and force it she will start.
One it turns it starts within a few turn overs also, it starts strong.
I tested the battery and it is perfect , I changed the starter last week and it is still doing this.
No error code showing. Idling perfect once it's started.

Now she has always needed coolant once a week or so since I got it and it got worse so I changed the radiator in the inlet manifold when she was giving white smoke but back to the original problem of putting in coolant once a week or so, takes about 400/500ml
Was thinking maybe the cooler in the egr is leaking also

Could these issues be linked ?
What would be your thoughts on the car acting like she is sized intermittently?


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Could it be the glow plugs need changing? I've changed one myself to try an fix another problem, they are cheap to get and try yourself (apart from one of them which has a sensor on) easy to take off but have to be careful they don't snap and drop into the engine block.