My first ever brand-new car! 2019 Golf R in Indium Gray Metallic!


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Exciting! Been through many cars, this would be my 14th car to have ever owned in my 27 years of living, but the VERY FIRST ever, brand-new, off-the-lot purchase!

2019 Golf R in the beautiful Indium Gray Metallic paint!

Been looking and lurking on this forum for some time now, and this month, my bank had a promotion for New Auto Loans that will only be for the month of July (2.19% APR for 3/4/5/6 years or 3.19% APR for 7 years), so I figured now was the time (or wait until end of year promotions).

Specifically told the dealer I was looking for that color and it must come with the DSG and Gloss Black Pretoria wheels!

Also noted that I DID NOT want the front license plate mount bracket installed (drilled). Sales manager told me they would be breaking the law if they sold it without the bracket pre-installed, so it was standard protocol to have it installed once it reached its destination (California laws). Told me he was willing to cross the line and not have it installed (the 2 Golf R they had in the showroom were already drilled, Lapiz and Black), but the only real chance I had was if there was one right off the boat, pre-destination. That would be the only way to get his hands on one with the mount bracket uninstalled.

He searched their inventory and found that there was one spec'd the way I wanted, that had just come off the dock, but was headed to a dealership in the next few days. Luckily, it was a dealership that is linked with them, so I told him I wanted it! After some financial procedures, he went ahead and put in a deposit to intercept the destination and have it routed here!

Yesterday, it finally made its way to the dealership! Such a beautiful color combination! I will add more photos today, but my first cosmetic mods will be the ECS flush kit and Eibach Pro lowering springs!

The dealership also includes a 25 year/250K mile power train warranty (starts after the 6 year/72K expires) with the purchase of a new vehicle! Shout out to Michael Volkswagen in Fresno California!

Added new photos, excuse the busy garage and my brother's Lambo :D

More on the way as my subtle mods start coming in!


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The black accents do look good against the grey :)


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My dealership in SoCal had a liability waiver form I had to sign regarding the license plates. Clearly they’ve been to this rodeo before.

With such a generous warranty it would be pretty much impossible not to keep the powertrain stock. Hopefully cosmetic and suspension mods will be enough to keep you happy!



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Congrats! Looks really good!


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Congrats, it looks great(I really like that color combo). I picked up my R about a month ago; installed the Cobb tune yesterday!!!


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Hell of an excellent choice for your first new car. Indium Grey with black wheels and DSG would be my ideal configuration as well. Enjoy!

When I bought my GTI, I also instructed the dealer not to install a front license plate holder. We made a deal the day it arrived at port, and it arrived the next day at the dealer. They also offered to put a pinstripe on the side...which I declined.


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Congrats. Enjoy it.

I have bought 4 new cars in California over 30 years and not one has had the front plate pre-installed by the dealer.

Order an OBDEleven and start adjusting things that are not currently adjustable. Tailor the car to your likes, not that of VW.

And consider at least a full front protective film wrap (front bumper to the doors) before you wish you had done it sooner!