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With taxes yearly bonus and how my finacials are lining up, I'm looking to add some parts. Currently have a rear sway bar and apr stage one on dsg and PP. Thinking about coilovers, intercooler, better rotors and brake pads (will track some this year). Recommendations on parts etc. Plus if anybody is in Ohio and has space/tools I'll buy the beer and then some haha.

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GTI Jake

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Intercooler, brake pads, and brake fluid would be a good start. No point in swapping rotors there’s nothing to gain over stock.

Unless you’re buying very good coilovers they’d most likely be a down grade over stock. Mild lowering springs to satisfy the lower aesthetics and good summer only tires will be much better on track. A pair of sway bars next.

Basically if you listen to the fast guys who track mk7 they’d tell you brake pads, fluids, and tires is all a stock mk7 needs. Investing in more track time will be better than more mods.