MN Fall Cruise


Ready to race!
Minneapolis, MN
Who wants to get together for a fall cruise?

It seems clear that anything big and official is off the table this year and I feel a hole from the lack of this. I want to talk shop, meet y'all, and see your cars!

It seems reasonable to me to be able to get together safely and still have a great time. I don't know how everyone feels about getting together, but if COVID-19 is a concern, let's figure out a way for people to feel and be safe.

Put up some ideas and let's make this happen.

What weekend or day works best for you?
Where do you want to go?
What should we do?
How grandiose or casual?

As of right now, I am available any weekend or any Tue/Wed in Sep or Oct.
I am completely open to where. Curvy, hilly, empty roads preferred. 😎
I am game for as much as camping and/or other activities like mountain biking, kayaking/canoeing, fishing, etc. in addition to a cruise or as little as a cruise with a group photo op.

Family friendly, all VW models friendly, whatever we want to do!

Here is a teaser pic. Imagine your car here. Imagine your car here next to some other enthusiast's cars.




Ready to race!
Minneapolis, MN
Sweet. I'm available. Likely to be some good colors most everywhere about then.

Who else can make one of those days? October 3th or 4th.

Suggestions on routes or photo op locations?


Ready to race!
Minneapolis, MN
I had something come up on the 3rd. I need to be back at home in MPLS by 2pm latest.

Im doing an autocross on October 4th, so 3rd works best. Im thinking near Stillwater or north suburbs?

Whaddaya think about the next weekend?

find the MN Volkswagen group on FB and join ... we can get more people involved.

I'm not on FB. If someone else is, please put the word out. I'll ask around too.

I saw some pictures of amazing fall colors near Lutsen this weekend!

Imagine your car here.


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I"m down most weekends, mid october probably works best for me, give me the details and I'll post it in the MNVW FB page.