MK7 New Car Collection Checklist


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Hello Everyone

I've been searching online for a list that contains what to check when collecting a new MK7 car. I found different threads discussing this; so thought i can compile a comprehensive list that has everything which might be helpful for you.

Here is it:-

Collection Checklist


1. Registration and Insurance Documents (Check Details).
2. PDI Document (Pre Delivery Inspection).
3. Country of Origin Certificate.
4. Sales Order mentioning the Chassis (VIN), Engine number, signed by the Sales Manager and stamped.
5. Order Specs Document mentioning the Chassis (VIN), signed by the Sales Manager and stamped.
6. Import Declaration.
7. Bill of Entry / Bill of Lading.
8. Vehicle Clearance Certificate.
9. Inspection Report.
10. Tax Compliance Certificate (if available).
11. Service Plan Contract (45,000 Km, 3 years) mentioning the coverage.
12. Service Booklet highlighting the Service Intervals.
13. Warranty Document (Unlimited KMs, 5 years) mentioning the coverage.
14. In case if some car components have different warranty terms (such as battery, rust proofing, etc..) then copy of their respective Warranty documents.

Items to be delivered

15. GTI Carpet Mats.
16. Boot Mats.
17. English Manuals in leather-bound GTi holder.
18. Full space saver spare tyre in the boot.
19. Welcome Package (GTI Keychain, VW Sunshade, GTI Thermal Mug, GTI Wallet, etc.…).


20. Check VIN numbers match between the car and documentation.
21. Two keys with remote locking functions, plus plastic key tag - with serial number, for ordering replacement key if necessary. (Make sure they have GTI engraved plastic pieces and both open and start the car).
22. Make sure they have filled in and stamped the PDI part of the service book.
23. Make sure you are set up for the service regime you want (Long-life or time & distance).
24. Check all the optional extras as per the Order Specs Sheet.
a) DCC
b) Discover Pro Navigation
c) Rear-View Camera
d) Rear Sensors
e) Keyless Locking
f) Auto-folding Mirrors with Kerb View
g) Blind Spot Monitor
h) Panoramic Sunroof
i) Ambient Light / Entrance Illumination / Front Foot-well LEDs
j) Light & Vision Package​


25. Check the oil, coolant and other fluids and that they are not left at shipping levels.
26. Make sure there are no stray rags/cloths in the engine compartment.
27. If there is no top up oil in a little bag in the boot ask for some.


28. Have a good look at the seats and the fit of all the trim inside.
29. Radio security code has been inputted and you have the number etc.
30. Check Android Auto and Apple Car Play.
31. Check Navigation Maps & if updates are available.
32. Check SD Card reader.


33. Check the condition of all the bodywork, wheels, and fog lights for stone chips (if it’s got cosmetic damage it’s going to be down to you once you drive away).
34. Check panel alignment.
35. Check the fit of the doors (front especially) up at the top of the window towards the rear.
36. Check the transport blocks have been removed from the suspension springs.
37. Look very carefully for any small dents or chips. Crouch low and look along the sides of the vehicle and all around for anything out of the ordinary. If the car is outside and it has been raining tell the dealer you will be inspecting the car as soon as it is dry as you wouldn't see anything small if wet.

Lights and Electrical

38. Test full, half beam, indicators, fog lights, hazard warning and interior lights & Ambient Lighting.
39. Test rear lights and make sure all 4 sections are working.
40. Full Alarm and Immobiliser (check by locking someone in the car, keep still for a minute, and then move arms around).
41. Drop the windows right down, and then put them back up on auto (so push/pull knob the double click and don't hold it). Make sure the windows don't drop when they're about an inch from shut.
42. But don’t worry too much about making sure all the electric stuff works (if there is a fault with the car it’s covered by warranty anyway) just concentrate on the stuff that the retailer can shirk responsibility for later.

Wheels and Tyres

43. Marks on wheels from lashing ratchet strap from the transporter lorry.
44. Check the bolt caps have been inserted in the holes on the wheels.
45. When you get the car home check the tyre pressures (once they have cooled down) - they leave the factory at 55 psi (set for long term storage).
46. Key adapter for locking wheel nuts (should be in the boot, with the spare wheel).
47. Tool-Kit and Jack



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Great reference material. Thanks


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Great list.

One more item - Verify if the dealer has removed shipping pucks. Its a known issue with VW dealers in US for a very long time.