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MK7 Missed Connections

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Ready to race!
Rhode Island
My area is loaded with old people with nice cars. A few GTIs, a few Rs , a bunch of WRX/STIs and a focus RS. Almost all are oblivious and go 15mph under the speed limit. There is one older guy who has a nicer '05(?) STI that I've seen rip corners. I've caught up a few times but he acts like I'm not even there.

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It's tough because sometimes I never know if it's a kid trying to race or a enthusiast just saying hi. Also sometimes I just don't realize and react in time to return the wave. I do a thumbs up for sports cars in general, V for VAG cars, and I usually wave like a frantic idiot if it's a modified GTI/R.


Go Kart Champion
To the clearly modified white and silver GTIs on I95 south this afternoon... Open your damn eyes, I'm trying to say hi.


Drag Racing Champion
Always see this R with blacked out badges at Target in Pflugerville.
Love the plate which I won't post on here.

P.s. That was me at stock height. Damn it looked SUVish