Mk7 E35 tune soft in cold weather? or just in general.. 60-130 rant. long read.

Is this normal? should it be more consistent.

  • yes, that is strange

  • no, shut up and enjoy the car. buy a LPFP and install the vortex xl ya pleb.

  • idk i didn't really read the post. but good luck

  • your car is slow, blame the soft tune

  • thats a decent time, but it should be repeatable.

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mk7 gti autobahn pp
2017 autobahn gti
cts is38
e35 dyno tuned COBB accessport dyno tuned
Intake/intercooler/downpipe/HPFP/turbo Inlet/Exhaust
245/40/18 hypergrams
back seats removed/all plastics/wiper motor/mats/jack/tire/
only 2 front seats.

Im not sure it will make sense, but this car is slower at times even in similar/same conditions, actually it might just be slower in general/ a majority of time.

I do understand that DA and temperature/humidity will effect how turbo cars behave, and performance.

maybe through typing this and explaining it I will come to some sort of conclusion, the only point of reference I have are the 60-130 times that i have recorded in the dragy.

below are some times that the car has run, along with temperature and DA reported for the times in which the data samples *times* were taken these were not all done in the same night, these are random times that i've run in the 7 months i have had it tuned

current best time is 9.80 0.0 slope flat.

BEST TIME SINCE I've been playing this game.
  • 45 deg F
  • 94% humidity
  • 30.02 Hg
  • 43 deg F
  • 41.3
  • NW 3 mph
  • 102.34 %
  • -793 ft.

10.34 -0.13 & 10.35 -0.02 slope ten mins later
  • 46 deg F
  • 99% humidity
  • 29.97 Hg
  • 46 deg F
  • 45.3
  • SE 0 mph
  • 101.87 %
  • -637 ft
10.32 -0.41% slope
  • 46 deg F
  • 93% humidity
  • 29.82 Hg
  • 44 deg F
  • 42.8
  • NE 0 mph
  • 101.44 %
  • -492 ft.
10.27 -0.43% slope
  • 41 deg F
  • 93%
  • 29.87 Hg
  • 39 deg F
  • 35.2
  • NW 0 mph
  • 102.81 %
  • -951 ft.
10.01 -0.69 slope
  • 70 deg F
  • 65%
  • 29.60 Hg
  • 58 deg F
  • 71.9
  • NW 10 mph
  • 95.48 %
10.16 -0.02 slope
  • 71 deg F
  • 69%
  • 29.60 Hg
  • 60 deg F
  • 79.1
  • NW 9 mph
  • 95.14 %
  • 1696 ft.
this can go on and on and on i have 60 in total, none of which are close to the 9.80 which is my PB
what I find this interesting. some of these times have been faster than what i would consider ideal boost weather. (to me)

i have over 59 pulls in my dragy history.
all of which have been done at night, all in best weather possible for the time in which they were ran. of course there is some improvement in driving technique, and some variance is to be expected. but generally the car is a 10.2x-10.5x car, except for a few outliers when it runs low 10.0x *one time* and then 9.8x *3 times out of 56 attempts.

but looking at the 59 times one 10.01 with a -0.69 slope and 3 in a row in the 9.8x time range, and then all others 10.3x and above, should i be looking at the clutches, are they to blame for the time difference, surely its not making enough power to cause that. I havent noticed them slipping, just that the car feels neutered at times. and other times its ripping.

the car was initially tuned it was 77 degrees stock turbo inlet and stock air box (not sure that makes a whole lot of difference) ,

the only additions to the car since the tune have been, INJEN tube intake, an inlet pipe and light weight wheels and better tires, all these runs/attempts have been brake boosted and or/conscious efforts to break my best time. the car just will not go faster or get close.

also before anyone says it, no these runs are not back to back runs. there is ample time between them, especially cruising the highway at 50*'s for 10 to 15 mins between runs. i source my fuel from the same 2 places since June '21 always mix to the same e35 blend using the Bluetooth content analyzer.

all of my data logs have shown the car making the requested boost, timing seems fine with no large knock instances, HPFP looks like its holding pressure as requested..

am I crazy for worrying about 1/2 or more a second..? i think this should be faster than it is, maybe im expecting too much? correct me if i am wrong

I can feel the car some nights under performing and definitely when its slower its noticeable, it just doesn't have that same pull, as if its soft or dialed back.

I am trying to keep this as short as possible, i realize that the tune is pretty set for its parameters, and the air quality/temperature is really the only differentiating factor. i do understand that driver error can account for some variance, but ive tried to eliminate this by leaving it in sport and letting the car shift itself, even non brake boosting to see if i can create repeated times. *which i can*

TDLR: WHY DIS CAR SLOW? what am i missing, and what else can i look for?

maybe the answer is, the turbo is small, and the set up is basic.. but its the inconsistency in the cars performance that is peaking my interest.


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Lot of things can impact. Dragy gives you 10mph splits for all your runs. Add them to a spreadsheet and see where you are losing time.
the variance is in the top end it isnt so much the beginning.. as it is the end, after 100 things get progressively slower by alot.

i do understand what you are saying, to isolate the speed group, see where its hanging up i gotta do more digging to try to find a commonality, it is hard to explain why sometimes the car pulls well, and other times it does not. . as i mentioned before humidity/air density and temperature are the biggest variables.

9.80 no slope vs 10.34 -0.13% slope

(60-70) .91 /0.88 +0.03
(60-80) 1.86/1.86 +0.00
(60-90) 3.01/3.04 -0.03
(60-100) 4.40/4.53 -0.13
(60-110) 5.91/6.13 -0.22
(60-120) 7.64/8.00 -.036
(60-130) 9.80/10.34 -0.54

this is just an example, but this is what i am seeing, as the runs continue, it just gets slower as the run progresses, now please bear with me, i have tried to figure this out, and that is why i have 60 runs with the dragy, and really nothing has changed on the car. lol i am beating my self up over this. with no real answer or explanation. over all the car has been fine, no issues. other than what i have explained earlier. shrug. idk and these 2 runs are on separate nights, but almost identical temps and DA


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And you have logs of said runs? Clearly the issue is 4th gear. So the question now is what is happening when you shift into 4th gear. Without data you will never know.
the data logs i have were not taken for dragy runs specifically, they were just random logs that i used to verify that certain parameters of the tune were being met, i shall from now on. for the sake of science, data log the dragy times to allow my self to compile the data and get some answers rather than make some big speculatory, long winded post on the forum.


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now, some of you may say, ah cory.. let it go. its not a major deal .5 is minimal,

130 mph is 58 meters per second. 130 mph is 29 meters per half second.

29 meters is 95 feet.

100 feet is 3 school buses, or 1 Boeing 737, or 7 MK7 gti lengths.

that is considerable.


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I have weird unexplainable power consistency issues with my mk7 on stock and stage 1 tunes too. Not the same circumstances, but times when I can feel it’s slower and log less timing, but can’t find any explanation for it (IATs are good, fuel is the same as the “good” pulls, no KR). 🤷‍♂️ Good luck! Get all the data you can.
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im going to see how the car reacts when the weather gets a tad warmer, maybe the humidity in the air, or the winter blend e85 is causing it. maybe its old fuel sitting in the tank for a week or 2 ... could be a number of things. but it is annoying.