MK7.5 VW Golf R


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Hey guys I currently have a mk7.5 Golf R and am on a APR Stage 2.5. from my understanding the IS38 turbo (stock turbo) can only handle up to 28PSI before issues can start to occur. I have an APR boost tap and the gauge is saying that i run 28 PSI on full throttle. I am wanting to get the piggy back JB4 which i have for my Kia Stinger to mess around with the E mixture fuels. Now i know with the higher maps you go you start increasing the Boost/PSI so by doing so will I end up messing up my stock turbo? Will i need a big turbo? or a aftermarket tweaked with IS38? Any thoughts or solutions? is anyone currently running a flashed ecu and a piggyback?


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You don’t need an aftermarket map sensor to run an ots tune for a stock turbo. That file likely peaks at 28 and tapers down toward redline.

I prob wouldn’t add any more boost to an apr file. Uni maybe, but def not something that’s already spiking to 28psi. Anymore than that and you’re likely just making heat. I’m sure there’s ways to integrate a jb to accommodate for some ethanol but you’d probably be better served asking in that thread.


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What MAP sensor would you recommend? and once i get that on then i will have no problems?
I recommend keeping the stock MAP sensor. When you start going over to 30 psi things are going to start breaking.