MK7.5: GTI vs. Golf R (???)


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I can't decide which one to go with for a daily+track car.

GTI: FWD, LSD, DQ250, lighter by about 300lb
R: AWD, Open-diff, DQ381, faster in a straight

Same brakes, similarly-bolstered seats

Which one is a better track performer?
Is a LSD more useful than being able to go 50/50 AWD with TC off?
Is the DCC on the R good? (I'm generally not a fan of adaptive dampers)
Will I miss the straight line power on the R? (Came from S3 sedan and currently on a 340i M Sport with M Power tune)

First world problems :confused::confused::confused:


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Stock vs stock the Golf R is the winner when it comes to lap times. Daily-wise the fuel savings of the GTI is a plus and they will be about the same for everything else. The one exception being winter driving where the R will get the edge.

Take it from a GTI owner - if you can afford it, get the R.


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I used to drive a Mk6 GTI Autobahn and now have a Mk7 R. The GTI understeered way more, especially with all the rain we get around Vancouver area.
For DD, the R might consume a bit more, but not that much; the AWD during rain/snow season is a big plus for me.
DCC is awesome, especially the custom mode; I can take the wife out on a date in Comfort and AutoX the next day in Race, best of both worlds. And yes, the difference is quite pronounced.

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Get the R all the way! The Gti is still a great car, but the R is just a step above with more power and other upgrades. Gti gets better gas mileage and is cheaper in price though.

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You're in Toronto and want a DD.. The AWD is amazing in the snow.

Growing up in NE Ohio I always owned a 4x4 diesel truck, but stored it for winter. Proper snow tires on a fwd car are all you need IMO, they’re like being on rails and I literally never once got stuck or had any traction issues commuting to Cleveland in the heart of the snow (and rust) belt