Mk7.5 autobahn fender audio sub & amp upgrade.. bass roll off alternative question


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I’ve read countless threads here, vortex and audio forums. I wasn’t able to get an answer or understanding of my situation. Found a lot of helpful info on here, but here goes….enlighten me.

So started out with a simple subwoofer swap plugged in place of the fender 6 1/2 sub. I gotta say, for a stock amp… I was f-in impressed. I have a kicker 10” CompR 2ohm in a ported enclosure 38hz. Well after a few weeks I wanted more boom boom…so I added the CT Sounds 700.1 mono amp. Running it at 1ohm. I used a volt meter and various 30-50hz tones….im more of an spl kinda dude.

As for the output converter…. I went to Walmart and got the Metra WM-Lockn line output converter. I had also seen the soundstream digital line output converter, bought it…sh** broke within 5 min when I was in the “testing” stage. Before anybody trolls that I wired incorrectly….bruh u have no idea. Anyways, the metra output converter…. Broke too lol. The gain knobs fell into the converter. It worked, but I took it all back. Dude at customer service told me the soundstream converter gets returned as fast as they have em in stock. I did however get an exchange for the metra converter. It includes a gain remote knob which btw….its a 3.5mm jack and the cord is about 5 feet long..maybe less. So I also got a 3.5mm male to female extension cord to run the gain remote to the front. I set the gains on the metra converter first then the amp(gain, lpf, subsonic, bass boost and so on), wrapped and tucked the wire lines. This part sucks, the gain remote that was included was useless because the female connection on the converter took a sh** on me too. Took everything back apart and the female connection had to have pressure from the male end of the 3.5mm jack for it to work. Think of it as when your earphones or charger start to fail and you gotta wiggle it and put pressure for it to work. So I just took the remote off. Hope yall following me and sorry for the length.

My confusion?????

So the Metra converter got rid of the bass roll off. My CT Sounds is terrorizing the kicker and sounds louder than some of the homiessss 2 12” set ups. The enclosure is key brooo….

So.. The gain, low pass/high pass filter, freq hz, boost, etc….knobs on my CT amp are useless. I can turn everything all the way up or down across the various settings on the amp and it will not make ANY difference. (Again, I use volt meter/tones for gain adjustment) Also, the sound is the same in case somebody’s wondering. Is it because of the signal being sent out by the output converter? Or is it the head unit cross over taking charge?

This set up is temporary and going in wifeys Atlas. I’m going to upgrade “proper”with custom stealth ported enclosure, 12” dd sl600, lc2i and probably a dsp.


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Was the amp known to be functioning before? Used or new? Everything else is before the amp in the signal chain except the sub, so the HU and LOC can't override the amp settings. I would try a different amp and see if that changes anything.