MK7.5 2017(67) on LED Bulbs


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If you have a MK7.5 2017(67) Golf you can replace the halogen bulbs for LED ones

The low beam is a H7 and I used these

The High Bean is a H11 and I used these

The low beam, H7 bulbs, are held in using a clip like this:


You need to buy some different clips for the H& LED bulb, I used these

To make it easier to fit I first removed the ring from the LED and glued it to the adaptor and fitted that to the headlight first, you may need to bend the tabs a little so that it rotaed into the locking pins. Then I inderted the LED bulb and alingned it.


The H11 main beam is a direct replacement

Once fittet go out at night and make sure your not being flashed by on coming vehicles. I did and many cars passed me with not one flash :)

There you go, hope you found this helpfull

Now I relise that in the UK this is not legal and a MOT failure so do so at your own risk. So LED police dont bother posting here
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