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Hey all,

Discovered today the battery died and had to hop in the other car to get to work. It's afforded me enough time to discover that battery swapping this car is not as simple as battery swaps used to be... apparently I need to reprogram the ECU with OBDEleven or similar, which I don't own.

So two questions:

One: anyone local have what I need and available (and willing) to help?

Two: if I can't find help and have to buy it online, will it be fine to replace the battery and drive it a few days without updating the ECU (while I wait for the thing to come in), or is that the kind of thing that must be done immediately?

Thanks in advance.


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I have removed the battery more than once from my 17 GTI Sport without having to reset or reprogram the ECU, maybe this is different than having a dead battery but I would not think so. Will have to google this as I have seen this before. I have an OBDeleven but do not see any maintenance item that says to reset or reprogram the ECU after a battery replacement.


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You are correct as I found a YouTube video about this. You will need access to an OBDeleven or similar piece of equipment if you put in a battery that is at all different from the original one. You need to enter the Battery Capacity, Ahr; Battery brand, Battery S/N; and the Battery Type, AGM, Gel, Lead acid. All this needs to be done before the car is started. I have never replaced my battery as to my previous comments.
, this is the YouTube video.