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Meet Up in North Dallas (Plano/The Colony)


Ready to race!
The Colony, TX
Now that summer is rolling around and the nights are really nice right now, I was wanting to first see if there is already a good week night meet up. Or we can create one.

This would be a good location for all the GTI’s, Golfs, Jettas etc in the Plano/Colony/Lewisville area to come meet up

I think that the parking lot for Kroger off TX-121 <—Link with address

What night would people like to meet up? I was thinking that Wednesday night could be good. We could meet either at the Kroger or somewhere surrounding there and find a bite to eat together and talk GTI’s!!

There are a lot of good restaurants in that general area, so that wont be an issue.

But lets see how large this thread gets and we can hopefully schedule a first meet!



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Dallas, TX
I would love to do this but I've only got next Thurs/Fri open and then I'm traveling too much for work for the next month. But I love to see this kind of thing around my area and hope to join in some time!


Ready to race!
I'm interested. I see lots of mk7s and other VAG cars out and about on 121 and Preston Rd. Wed nights in general are good for me but I'd prob skip the meals. Try to spend as much time with kid as possible after work. That Kroger is a good spot as it has an E85 pump! :D