M4 vs Dbv2 Audi vs Vette


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Idk I wasn’t there and haven’t talked to him since it blew up, just to a mutual friend.

The 9 second car is jmarcanom4 on IG, he can get you in touch with the dude with the totaled car.

Knowing Jose, (with the 9 second car) he’ll be building his bigger and badder, but I haven’t heard the plan yet. All I know is that car goes A to B like it’s on rails and definitely had a lot more in it when he went 9.9
Nice to hear. Not a lot of drag M cars out there

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Nice to hear. Not a lot of drag M cars out there

I’m just bummed the car broke right before SCT, it probably would’ve been getting some air time on 1320 and done very well in the 150mph roll race class (that was Friday, day after it blew up).

I like following along with your build too, cool to see an “underdog” taking down muscle cars with minimal mods. Definitely tons of potential with that platform.


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First revision on this platform version of the hoontune I guess haha. No methanol tho just e50. Lot left in it they say


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