Low pressure fuel issues

Would like to know if someone here has experience with the mk7 fueling system... im having problems with my low pressure in tank pump... the requirement is 7bar under wot... mine drops to as low as 2 bar a.... but only sometimes... not always... as soon as this happens the high fuel presure also drops from 190 bar to under 100 bar...can it be the pump controller that sits on the tank? Or the pump it self?

I know these cars doesnt have a fuel return line but a pump controller that regulates the amount of fuel being send to the high pressure pump... i dont want to make the car stock and have the dealer replaced it.. i rather just want to buy the part and replace it myself.

The only fault code im getting is: fuell mettering valve, signal implausible.


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Ya doesn't sound right at all. First I've heard of an issue though. I wouldn't be able to tell you if it's the pump or controller for sure, so hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge can chime in. You're getting this error regardless of fuel level/full tank?