Lost my license under the cup holder


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Lost my license under the sliding hatch that closes the room where you keep your coffee.

Anyone know how to get under there and save it?
Tryid loosing a couple of screews and remove some plastic parts but I just had to give it up before I broke something.

It's a demo car that I borrowed from my dealer while mine is at service. Delivering it tomorrow :-/


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This just happened to me and after searching high and low on the internet, I got to this thread, but it was not answered. So here it is, in case if such mishap were to occur to any of you guys.

Yup, that's the card between the gap. You'll definitely need a flash light, it's really dark in there.

Close the slider thingy. Then from the other end, try to rail them out of the end. So you'll get an open end like in pic.

These are the things you need. A flash light, double sided foam tape, and a soft plastic ruler.

Reach in and fish for it until you get it out.

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Happened to me :(

Got it out by sliding the seat (drivers ) full forward. This exposes a blanking plate on the side of the rear cubby/arm rest behind which is a screw and a gap from where with a torch I could see the offending car parking pass (just) lying flat beneath cup holder area in from of the arm rest cubby section .

lifted up the plastic side cover part the comes down to the carpet,enough to get my fingers in ( need a small hand and take care ) and pulled it out :)