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Lone Star LeMans - Anyone going?


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Just seeing if anyone is going.

Was going to do the Corral where you get to do a parade lap, but read there was a speed restriction so not worth it.



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Saw a lot of GTI's, Golf R and a few Golfs out there.

Was an awesome race and strongly recommend to anyone if they do it next year. Heard with Sebring on the schedule, they might not do COTA again. Nothing official though.

Not a high attendance, so you could basically watch from any turn you wanted. Most people stayed in the the Grandstands or turn 1.

I found turn 11 to be the best as the cars were coming out of the S turns, down a short straight that's downhill, slowing down for a tight left hander. Lots of passing and it was cool seeing the brakes glowing bright red.

Here's some quick videos.

The Porsches, especially the factory cars were crazy loud. In comparison, the Astons and the Ferraris were pretty quiet.

The Toyotas had brutal acceleration. Even though the Rebellion car won, the Toyotas accelerated much harder.