Locked out and keyless entry


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The sunroof has been squeaking quite badly. Originally, they put a felt lining in it to stop it. This worked for about a week. Now they claim it was a hinge and they adjusted the position of the glass. Seems okay so far.

Mine started to rattle in the late spring when the weather first warmed up. The dealer fixed it under warranty by following a TSB but about a month later it sounded just as bad if not worse. Strangely after leaving the sunroof open while parked at work on nice days over the past couple weeks it seems to have gone away on it's own. I am guessing it has something to do with the lube, perhaps the dealer used too much and it took a while to dry out.


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Apologies for bringing this thread back to life for a moment but I thought I'd leave this here for anyone whose car behaves like my 2015 GTI did and who looks this up in the future:

Central Lock Trunk Delay activation: keeps your trunk lock open for another 20-30 seconds after you close it to give you chance of recovering keys from the car.

Module: 09 (Central Electronics)
Security Access → Code: 31347
Module: 09 (Central Electronics)
Adaptation → Channel: Access Control - Freigabenachlauf Heck nach Einzeloeffnung ueber HDF-Funktaster
New value: active