LiquiMoly Ceratec in the motor oil, but with DSG transmission


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Ok, this kind of a stupid question, but I'm a little confused and just want to double check. I drive a 2017 gti with DSG and VAQ.

I was going to add Ceratec to my motor oil for the engine, but then I saw all the warnings about not using it with automatic transmission and wet clutches. I haven't added it yet.

I wasn't going to add it to my transmission or my VAQ Limited slip Diff. I was just going to add it to my engine oil..

My understanding is that all the fluids for the motor, transmission, VAQ are independent. I've changed all of these fluids before and each one used its own type of oil.

Is there any reason why I couldn't use Ceratec with my motor oil?

I could have sworn I read on here that there were people with DSG using this stuff.

I guess you can use Ceratec both in your engine and in your transmission...but should only use it if you have a manual gearbox is my understanding. If I only put it in my engine but not my dsg, I'm good right?

Any insights? Thanks!
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Personally I would not add any additives as they are not needed with modern oils and in some engines they can cause problems with the hydraulic cam followers.


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You can certainly use it in your engine oil per their instructions - it's a popular additive. I've run it in all 3 of my VWs - a friction modifier with hexagonal boron nitride white graphite). Won't hurt a thing. I believe you can run it in a manual transmission (they sell a MoS2 for gears product just for that purpose) as the oil is just a lubricant but no, no DSGs or anything with wet clutches etc. Remember to offset the oil volume for this product so you aren't overfilled.


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the warnings you saw were exactly what you saw.... not to add it to your transmission fluid.... you're misunderstanding the plain English. it doesn't mean don't add this to car's engines oil that happened to be attached to an automatic transmission.... lol. it's made for engines, period.