Like new Revo SPS with original box and manual


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Patchogue NY
I also listed this in the Electronics section...

I purchased this and used it while I still had my Audi TT with Revo, but since have moved to the VW world, and since the car is so new, the wife is requesting I keep it stock tuned until at-least the warranty expires. I purchased the car on the 30th of Dec... Lol, so it is easy to say that the SPS is causing a great deal of itching to get my new GTI tuned with Revo's Stage 1!

It is their newest revision of SPS's and works on the REVOTechnik tunes. On their site it sells for $170 but since mine is used but still with the box and manual, I am asking $150 OBO.

I'm hoping that if I can get rid of this SPS and the Cry02 system I have, that I can purchase some new wheels.

PM me here or text me at 919-721-2401, or email me at if interested.

If you want it and you are not local, I will accept paypal provided shipping isnt going to be too much.

Happy tuning!