Leaky Sunroof?


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I am skeptical of the foil tape approach - looks like a flimsy bandaid. If mine starts leaking, I might be tempted to do the same type of repair but using the super-tough "Eternabond" tape that is used for roof and seal repairs on RVs. It would be easy to cut small strips to the shapes of the foil patches and put them in the same spots. The Eternabond won't leak or crack. I used it for a very difficult sealing problem on a fiberglass RV window frame years ago (same type of thermal expansion issues), and it held up extremely well.


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My jeep had this same problem only many years down the line. The GTIs are getting it already? Not a good sign.

For me, it was clogged drains. Flushing them with air is a short term fix but isn't enough to get the stuck on debris off and it will happen again shortly. Only solution is taking the headliner off and replacing rubber drain hoses. Ok if under warranty, not so much after.

Since I plan on keeping this car for a while, I chose a sport with no sunroof for this exact reason. Still, no excuse for VW to have this issue on fairly new $30K vehicles. My first car in high school, a hand me down 25 year old BMW 318i, had a sunroof with 25 years and 350,000+ miles of leakproof functionality. No excuse in 2017.


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It most likely will not be covered if the warranty has expired, but it doesn't hurt to ask. The TSB states on page 14 that the TSB is informational only if outside of warranty.

I can't see how this "fix" will last over time. Probably will be good until warranties have expired.


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I'm really sorry for your troubles. I hope my new 2017 Golf doesn't have this issue. Looks like your liner will need to be replaced under warranty as well.


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Mine is leaking now too with only 4,500 miles on the car. Got in to go out to eat with my girlfriend and it dripped on her lap :(


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Where are the drain openings located in the sunroof, I was unable to locate it. I also have a 2008 rabbit and in that sunroof the drain openings are easier to find.


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slightly different, but it rhyms... :)

Anybody have a squeaky sunroof? I'm wondering if there is anything I can put on the seals to prevent them from some kind of lubricant? Probably not petroleum based?

It mostly just happens when I drive down a particular road, but I drove down it a couple times a day. It's an old highway, probably made around 1950 or 1960...narrow, concrete, and bumpy. It resembles a mild frame twister obstacle. I'm sure the squeak is caused by the chasis flexing a little, causing the glass to move relative to the's the first time I've ever had a car with a sun roof, and I didn't think that it might squeak.


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Bit of an update. Car was back in the dealership last week and couldn't find the leak. Last night on my way home from work the leak started and then this morning it started again...

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I'd be driving to the dealership, leaving the car and demanding something else to drive until the fix it. I have an Autobahn and wished I could have gotten it without the sunroof. I HATE sunroofs, always have, always will. I can't wait until next year when I can trade my GTI in for an R with NO sunroof. :D

I live just across the pond form you and haven't had any problems YET. But I refuse to open the roof. I've read of a number of these cars having leaky sunroofs. It sucks.


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Sorry I haven't been on here in months. Wife had our second kid and work has been far too busy.

After I posted the the last update the car was back in the dealership a couple of weeks later as the leak was even worse. The car spent the best part of a week there and a "VW SPECIALIST TECHNICIAN" worked on the car. I believe they replaced the grain tubes and added another piece to the drain. The salesperson I bought the car from said there was going to be a recall but I'm not sure if that happened.

Anyway, since then (September) the car has been leak free. I would imagine something was missed on the assembly line in Mexico when mine was built.

All the work done was under warranty and didn't cost me a penny.

On another note the dealership have offered me a pretty good deal to trade it in against the R..... decisions decisions

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After being in the shop for a week, as in VW sent my car and a new body panel for the sunroof to a body shop, I have another leak with the first rain since the repair was finished! :mad:

I believe this is the second time the leak has supposedly been fixed. Kinda bummed that the service dept. manager I was working with retired last weekend. He always took good care of my car and at least knew about the problems I was having with the sunroof. I really like my Golf, but I wish I had never bought one with a sunroof. But I just HAD to have the lighting package and the only way to get it is apparently with an SE and the includes the pano sunroof by default. If I have to take my car in again for the third time and they can't fix it then, doesn't that mean it's time to lemon it and VW should buy the car back? I honestly don't know what I would do if they did offer to do so. If I get another Golf, it'd have to be the S-model with cloth. I'd lose my Lighting Package, Fender Audio, and leatherette seats.