KW V2 Coilovers, Honest Review.


Ready to race!
Shout out to @20ls01 for his feedback on his street comforts. He’s feedback gave me the green light to get V2’s.

Just wanted to give a brief review on these.

I know people have different views on what is comfortable and what isn’t so I’ll start by saying..

I had a mk6 base golf on H&R Ultra Lows. Drove that daily for 2 1/2 years. Ride wasn’t all that great. Under damped , bouncy. I was on Airlift Performance bags on my mk6 gli for 3 1/2 years. Was better then the H&R’s, but also under damped at times. I played with the damping for the first 2 years, Never found the ride to be what I wanted at ride height. Then found myself leaving it at ride height for the last year rarely airing out.

Now, just got KW V2’s on my new 7.5. I lowered it about 1.4 inches all around. These things ride like a dream. As per their recommended settings, these feel way better then my previous setups. For street/highway driving I recommend them 110%. The ride is stiffer, but not bouncy or uncomfortable AT ALL. Planted. Literally today just had a mini road trip to Fort Myers. Ride was better, Takes bumps better than stock.

Not many reviews on these so wanted to help anyone on the fence for coilovers for Daily Driving/slight spirited driving. KW is a quality product. You won't regret it.


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