KW Street comfort coilovers - brief review


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2017 GTI / 2016 R
I have them on my 16 R. The valving is definitely more comfortable than the factory non-DCC struts, but they do not ride like a limo or super cushy like I've seen mentioned in another review. the car still rides pretty firm, but has much better compliance over bumps than the factory setup. but they are not what I'd call "soft".

One big annoyance is that the rear springs on these kits are short, and the rear is very low. the highest you can get the rear still has the tire almost starting to tuck the fender. You have to get an optional spring spacer kit to be able to have any sort of fender gap in the rear. the fronts can go higher than stock though, so it's strange the rear height adjustability is so limited. for the cost of the kit, I was disappointed that I needed the extra spacers just to make the car sit level.

as far as adjustability, the adjusters for the fronts are on top, but you still need to partially undo the cowl covers to get to them. The rear adjusters are at the top of the rear shock, so they are tucked under the wheel well, and you need to jack up the car to get access. So adjusting them isn't exactly as easy as turning a knob.

I don't know anything about the EQT line, so I can't comment on those.


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Does anyone have experience with these compared to the Eqt balanced line? I am currently on MSS+ stock dcc struts. Nice ride but too low. Need an adjustable height coil over so I can get some ground clearance back.

Looking for the most comfortable ride but want to be able to change rebound settings relatively easily when hitting mountain roads.
Hey, do you by any chance have any info on the MSS spring and bushing kit that works like coilovers but without having to replace the front shocks?