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Hi all, here is a build thread on my GTI. I will be doing a few, mainly oem, mods.

Spec as follows:
-Tornado Red

Standard spec of note:
-LED tail lights and LED number plate lights
-Colour FIS clocks with needle sweep on start up
-LED front fog lights
-Electric folding mirrors with puddle lights under the mirrors
-LED lit door sills
-LED interior lights
-Electric handbrake with auto-hold. Basically you never have to worry about the handbrake again. It comes on and off by itself.

-Performance Pack This brings bigger brakes with rears vented. Fronts with GTI logo on callipers. 230bhp v's 220 bhp standard. And a torque vectoring e-diff. It's basically a computer controlled lsd.
-Xenon Lights with cornering function and LED day time running light
-Half leather interior with alancantara and tartan centres
-18" Wheels
-Adaptive cruise control with emergency brake A distance can be set to the car in front so in stop-start traffic the car will just follow the car in front. Emergency brake will apply brakes if it thinks a crash is imminent.
-Winter Pack Heated seats and heated windscreen washer jets.
-Discover Pro Sat Nav. 8" Touch screen. 60GB Hard Drive.
-Tinted side and rear windows
-Reverse Camera
-Keyless Access
-Climatronic climate control
-Adaptive Chassis control The dampers are adjustable at a touch of a button
-Lane assist There is a camera in the rear view mirror that reads the road markings and will steer the car straight if it veering out of the lane. It can also steer the car around bends. It's only a backup. If you take your hands off the wheel for more than 5 seconds the car will start beeping. This should also give traffic sign recognition which shows up in the FIS clocks.
-Dynamic Light Assist This is the option I'm most looking forward to. The same camera as the lane assist also looks for cars at night. It then trims the high beam so not to blind on-coming traffic or cars you are following. This is a step up from high beam assist in that the high beam is not turned off. A portion of it is blocked while still fully lighting the ditch.

Here's pics of her just off the transporter. We pulled the cover off the boot to check the camera.

Finally got a break in the weather to give the car a proper clean and take some pics.[img]



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It is optional in most countries, but not available in the uk for some reason.


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United Kingdom
To my taste you're missing a couple of doors:D, but it's still a very nice car. (love the house too) Thanks for lots of pictures. I can never get enough of these GTI's and GTD's :rolleyes:


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Looking good! I'm jealous of two things

- half leather seats ( we were promised these but then got full leather seats :( )

- performance pack: not available in the middle east

Congrats! And welcome aboard :D


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great choices.

argh. i repeat this in almost every thread; 1. looks like we won't get that interior you have over here. shame because it is fantastic. 2. that big ol' nav screen you have makes the small one we will get very lame in my opinion.

just a get a manual next time. :)

red is growing on me...

enjoy your new ride in good health kevin!


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Thank you for the comments guys. I am a DSG convert. My mk5 Edition 30 was DSG and I was hooked on the DSG after that!


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I hadn't noticed the difference tbh. I switch daily between the Gti and a Caddy with the floor mounted accelerator and it doesn't feel any different to me.