KESSY Push start issues DSG


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So lately the start stop button has been acting up in my ‘15 GTI and it takes a couple of presses to get it to work. Well today after work i pressed down on it multiple times and got nothing. I ended up sitting there with my foot on the brake pressing the start stop repeatedly and also pushing it and holding it in. After many attempts it finally started and i drove home then when I was attempting to turn the car off it was doing the same thing which leads me to believe its the actual button and not the key fob. Key fob battery was replaced about 6 months ago.
Im just curious if there is any feedback with this type of issue because i have no warrenty so if this problem persists i will be looking into replacing the start stop button if there are no other solutions. Thanks


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Try a new fob battery first, just because it is simplest. I have found certain battery brands discharge really quickly in the fob and others last a long time.
Next time it happens try this also. Slam on the brake pedal a couple time, then hold it down. Sometimes the brake switch can start to go bad and that is why it won't start. It takes more abuse than the start button.

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so if nothing I would vote start PB switch if it's the brake switch you'll get gauge sweep/dash lights but it won't crank. I almost like the battery idea but if I remember correctly you get some msg about key/battery. It is cheap/easy enough to try as is swapping out for other fob if you have one.



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The buttons can definitely fail.
It was replaced on my wife's old Tiguan during her ownership.
The button would just sometimes not work.
It always eventually would, but you where having to sit there an push it multiple times like you described.


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Alright thanks all it is greatly appreciated. Ill probably try the brake trick as i was suspecting that as well then I will just progress to check the fob battery before i start ordering parts and whatnot. Hopefully it starts acting normal again and i mayvtry to take it apart and clean it before I buy another button.