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K&N oil fouled my O2 sensor


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The service interval on a K&N is 50K miles so while I get some don't want to service it, that's only about every 3 years for most folks. I keep my OE filter and toss it in for that service so I can let the filter dry both after washing and after oiling per their instructions - you need v. little oil. K&Ns get such a bad rap but so many use them with zero issue (I have them on all my cars, 2/3 have MAFs). The fouling of the MAF thing is somewhat urban legend - so you have a MAFS that fails, oh you have a K&N? See, K&Ns foul MAFSs! MAFSs just fail sometimes (had 2 go on my MK4 Jetta). Some great videos on this that show you can't get the oil to come off under normal intake flows: