It’s time…2017 GTI pro detail


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Car has been garage kept 80% of its life, possibly a little more. Paint had held up well, but the finish is wayyyy past time for a pro detail.

The Texas heat and pollen is a cruel whore, truly. 🥵 ☀️

A lifetime ago, I ran a nice paint correction business (2010-2013), and the before and after pics I could show you would make your head spin.

Everything was done by hand. No DAs or orbitals. It was painful but rewarding.

So while I have a strong grasp of the science and art to detailing and restoring neglected finishes, my expertise and learning stopped 10yrs ago.

It also wore me out physically and mentally on detailing, so I switched to (mostly) hand washing weekly for maintenance. Which leads me to this section of the forum.

I still use pH-balanced shampoos for washing and prepping cars, maintaining between sealant applications, etc. But being America, we have entirely too many product choices for detailing. It can lead to analysis paralysis in a hurry. 🤦‍♂️ 🤯 🧠

So here’s my question:

What is your go-to, most revered polish and sealant choice in the year 2023?

I’m not looking to go ceramic this time. I need a product I can get here in the next 48 hours or less, so OTC or Amazon expedited would be great.

I want to apply it asap so I can return to driving and enjoying the car (it’s mechanically in top form this year, and addictive to drive)

Thanks in advance!

Pics for attention and reference. (My camera lenses has some fisheye spots so please forgive)


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So here’s my question:

What is your go-to, most revered polish and sealant choice in the year 2023?
I am no professional detailer, definitely much more of a weekend hobbyist.

I really like the Meguiar's Ultimate line for compound and polish. The way it breaks down during use makes it almost impossible for me to go too far and mess something up.

I have been following it up with Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating. Per the instructions for a longer coating, I do an application, wait 24 hours, and then do another one for up to a year of coverage. My car is in a garage at home and work, so I do feel like I'm getting at least that year out of it. Not a real ceramic coating by any means, but it works for me.

Between coatings, I go between Meguiar's Quik Detailer spray for quick stuff like bird poop or sap and Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Wet Wax as a drying aid on normal washes.

Post from one of my more extensive details a few years ago:
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Did some homework, got some goodies expedited and coming tomorrow!


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I had really bad luck with the turtle wax hybrid solution on 3 cars..a lot of water spot etching..beads on the paint and etch through. Hope you have e better luck.


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It’s hard to tell from my screenshots, but I grabbed two highly rated Griots products.

One is a multipurpose polishing compound for scratches, swirls, etc called Griot’s All In One.

The other is a really nice Griot’s sealant that lasts significantly longer than waxes.

I dabbled/experimented with products from Mothers and Turtle Wax back in 2010-2013 and, while they had a couple of ringers, Meguiar’s and Surf City Garage were the two hot tickets for quality, easy to use OTC detail products.


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Since you're in TX, check out Scott HD's 20 Way Ceramic Spay Coatings from 2020, it's got some of hte popular OTC/Amazon spray coatings. Skip to the final update if you ar short on time. He's got other tests going (completed tests too) for ceramic coatings and trim, but that one should be informative. There are newer products in the other tests if you want to take a look.