iSweep Center Floor Brace Squeak


Drag Racing Champion
Slate Hill, New York
2020 VW GTI S
After installing the brace, I've noticed a squeak coming from the rear. I was able to pinpoint the noise to the brake lines rubbing on the iSweep braces. It sounds like I had a case of water bottles in the trunk rubbing. Pushing the rear end up and down will reproduce the squeaking. I tried looking up if other people had this issue and came across Last Human's Garage video on youtube. I tried zip tying the lines and would only work for a short time. The squeaking back after a short drive and almost made it worse as the zip ties keep the line close to the brace.

I decided to try a cable sleeve in order to protect the line from rubbing and cutting down squeak. I bought the 1/4" sleeve [], which was perfect for passenger side, but just barely wraps around the driver side. I have cable ties on each end of the wrap to hold in place. After wrapping the lines, the squeak is gone. I will have to see if they will hold up, but so far a good solution.


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