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Is it possible to change my existing mk7 gti 2014 screen to 8" MIB2 Glass Discover Pro?


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I am pretty new to all of this. I have recently bought a golf Gti mk7 2014 and I want to upgrade the screen inside to MIB2 Glass discover pro as I don't have sat nav or apple car play and the existing screen resolution is not great. Can this be done?


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a 2014 euro mk7 gti will likely be fitted with the mib1 unit (as indicated by not having apple carplay, etc). Upgrading to an mib2 with the glass discover pro interface will cost some as it will have to be retrofit. There are a number of UK retrofit operations that specialize in this swap. NR Coding is another (UK based). I've seen a few other UK based retrofit shops, just can't remember the names. MQB Coding & Retrofit is another one, but is located in Essen. There is a whole thread in the DIY section dedicated to MIB1 to MIB2 conversions for DIYers (with the necessary coding assistance from a very useful individual in Poland).


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You will have MIB1...which will not work with MIB2....

So you will also require a new head unit or brains which is in the you have dynaudio?..if so then a new amp also..

For coding etc you either do it using a special £90 VW cable which is available easy on the web, & internet connection to a bloke in Poland...

Or there are two UK companies who have been doing this stuff for several years now...this one is cheaper than the other one..

Basically drop car off & they do full install..even the new digital AID...& other stuff...