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Good evening all

I've been checking out pics of the new Golf 7 for a couple of days now cause I'm really thinking of getting one when released.

What I noticed, is that on most pictures the little LCD display between the speedo and rev counter is full color. Like so:

But I have also seen some pics where the screen is black n white, similair to the new Jetta (and possibly the MK6):

I just can't find the article where I read about the South African version of the new Golf where they stated it will have a black n white screen with no adaptive cruise control or lane assist. They stated that it would basically be similair to the new Jetta inside, besides the 5" screen.

EDIT: Found this thread on here with pics of a base model with the black n white screen -
So basically, the article I read stated the S.A. version will look like that on the inside and with those damn bland tail lights :/

Does anyone know if the South African version will come with the good looking color LCD inside the instument cluster or the normal black n white one?
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I would not worry too much about the lack of the 'full' colour MFD option.

It only shows the particular door/bonnet/hatch thats open in a red outline not exactly full colour...