Insane Golf 5 GTI Crash at Nurburgring


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Glad to hear the driver is ok though. I've read how expensive car crashes can be and the total on some car crashes... yikes...

I've seen this video floating around the internet since it was released, and the comments from some ignorant people just boggles your mind.

This type of accident can happen to anyone, all it takes is a simple mistake or over-correction.
Hear hear. What people forget is how long the ring is and how many corners it has so you can't just build a rhythm like you can at short tracks. It's easy to mess up because of the elevation changes, bumps and simple momentary break of concentration.


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Tourist track days are huge at the Nurburgring. You just come with you Sunday best tire set, pay the very seasonable €27 per lap fee and do motorsport. If you're a hardcore fan, you can even get an annual subscription for €1,650.

Thousands of people come every week, but the sad reality of it all is that some of them crash… badly. Here's an example of a crash video, taken only yesterday (May 1st). A Golf GTI driver makes a mistake, coming in too fast. He goes onto the grass and crashes head-on into the barrier. This sends the hot hatch flying through the air.

It's a terrible looking crash to have in a car that's two generations old and not equipped with all the airbags modern Golfs get. However, both the driver and his passenger are fine.

While racing on the Nurburgring is cheap, crashing isn't. Besides the damage to his car, which hopefully in ensured, there are a number of other expenses.

For example, if the Armco safety truck comes out, that's €150, followed by €10 per square meter of debris that needs to be cleared. Since this GTI is totaled, a recovery truck is needed, which is another €250. The damage to the track barrier is also a cost the "crashee" needs to take care of.

You never go on May Day or Easter etc etc. I stay away in the summer when its covered in Brits etc.


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Saw this video earlier today on car throttle. Why does he stray so far off the track though? Looks like he would have been okay if he hadn't hit the grass.


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if you've never been to the nurburgring then you wouldn't understand.

I've only been to one other track other than Nurburgring, so my experience is limited, but Nurburgring is like a crash-hole compared to likely anything we have in North America -- the guardrails are really only like 2-5 feet from the track. Which makes it that much more amazing.


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Glad the occupants are ok, the Golf seemed to take it like a champ. The cabin remained intact all the way to the end.


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That was thanks to the barrier being flexible and not a concrete pole, if it was that the occupants would likely not "walk out" and tell their flat rimmed bros about how there was a deer in the road causing them to spin out.