Indium Gray Metallic Money Pit Mk7.5R


Drag Racing Champion
Glacial progress due to typical January temps. Currently have 2 catch cans as I still have the Spulen plate installed. But I was able to mount the APR can on the BFI mount. Just had to put a stock studded bolt in, everything lined up fine.

Biggest things on the horizon: new turbo setup and tune. Ordered a stage 1 Garrett powermax from Dan@DBV2, hooked me up with a ceramic coated turbine housing.


Gonna install that with the speed sensor whenever it's remotely warm. We know that the ECU has a dedicated pin (75) as of Simos 18.1 (pre-19) and it turns out that the 18.10 software has full support to both enable the sensor AND feed the output into the compressor model. If LC_N_CMPR_SENS_ENA is enabled and the ECU sees a valid signal, it should be a matter of setting up the hz->rpm map and then tuning the compressor model to match Garrett's map. No custom code needed, at least on 18.10!

Speaking of custom code, Joedubs was gracious enough to finish porting his live mapswitching code to 18.10 and adjust the controls to match my steering wheel. Flex-fuel will take care of timing adjustment, and these maps will set my max boost level. By far the most complete set of features for the MQB 2.0T platform.